How to Get Yourself out of Bed and in the Word

presenceA sacred space… a sanctuary, your secret place. Does this describe a place in your house? I remember growing up and seeing my parents pray in front of their own “altar,” a beautiful place in their room covered with pictures of their children, family and friends. It was holy ground and every morning they prayed together for us and for what God had in store for that day.

When I first got married, my bedroom closet was this place for me. Surrounded by my husband and I’s clothes, I would sit on the floor and pour my heart out to my savior. I was a newly-wed trying to navigate married life and God met me there.

When we moved into my current home our extra bedroom (office) served as a room I blared worship music and asked God to send His presence.

Then my children came and every inch of extra space was covered with toys, blankets, and little shoes. I lacked a sanctuary that I could shut myself into – apart from distractions.

Do any of you have a dining room that NEVER gets used. That formal area that is marked off with caution tape until the holidays come around, and even then do you really want to risk the chance of getting the carpet dirty? Yes, I had this room and it was never used. Just a fancy table in a room all by itself.

A dear friend of mine with a gift for interior design helped me turn this “use-less” room into a sanctuary. She moved out the table, moved in a love seat and decorated with ambient lighting and pictures of family. My sacred space is back. The desk near the love seat has a pull out drawer where I can put my coffee and open my Bible.


When my alarm goes off at 5:00 am, even though I yearn for more sleep, the beauty of my sacred space calls for a time of encounter. This has revolutionized my commitment to prayer and reading the Bible. I’ve made it fun! Meeting God should be exciting and enticing! He is anything but boring and stale. Every morning is full of potential revelation if I make my way downstairs to that room.

Do you have that space? Maybe its not a room, it could be a closet, comfy chair, a serene backyard. Whatever it may be or could be, get excited about it. Re-decorate, plant flowers, buy a new worship CD and I know it will get you out of bed and into His Word!

Where is your sacred space?



  1. Leslee Thank you… Mom and I have prayed together for 35 years comming August 5th. From smiles to tears we have always found peace. Prayer is always a two way street. We call to Him. Then we listen. I know what ever life brings me, I started the day with Christ and with the one person I can share him with..

    • Thank you daddy! You were our inspiration, you and moms actions always spoke the loudest to us and they still do.


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