Gabrielle De La Garza – Hair Accesories

About a month ago I entered to win a contest through Gabrielle De La Garza. She is a stylist, accessory designer based out of Los Angeles and was going to give away hair accessories to a lucky winner.

I know you people here people say this all of the, but I NEVER win contests! I signed up and to my surprise, won!!!! She sent me two very cute hair accessories, one that I will share with you today and how I wore it.


You know I love big Texas hair and I wanted one of the accessories to accent the good Texas tease I have going on this morning. I put my hair up and added the multi strand head band to my crown. It accentuated my teased crown perfectly and it draws attention to all the right places. I also love the colors! Mint is very in right now and it has hints of mint all throughout which accented the mint shirt I was wearing.


Overall, I am very happy with this piece. She picked something I wouldn’t normally wear, but it looks great. All of Gabrielle’s pieces are so cute and she designs for little girls too.

Gabrielle is a precious young woman of God living in LA and influencing the world around her in amazing ways. Her mom has shared many stories on how the presence and favor of God follow Gabrielle wherever she goes and it is a privilege to help her promote what JEsus is doing in her and through her. Help support Gabrielle by going to her website and getting your own accessories!

Here is a link to her website: Here

Thanks Gabrielle!!

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