A Night with my Knight – Photo Recap :)

I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful the “Night with my Knight” event was for my son and me. First, let me tell you that my little boy, Brettaroo, and I talked about it all week. He kept saying, “Our date is going to be so COOL Momma!” I told him he was going to be my Knight and his smile got bigger and bigger every time he heard me say that.

I picked out his clothes and went through a couple of outfits for myself… it brought back memories of when his Daddy and I went on our first date. (cue the awwww) After recording my tutorial, I finished getting dressed and woke him up from his nap… (okay, so really he had an accident in bed, was screaming from his room, I ran upstairs, cleaned him up, and stuck him back in bed because he never really napped and momma had to curl her hair)

My sweet babysitter helped me finish getting him dressed and then took care of my daughter as we went on our way.

The entire event was focused on the virtues of a true knight. There were jugglers, aerial silk performers, and a live battle between good and evil. Needless to say every little boy in the room was beside themselves with awe and excitement.

I actually had two Knights and shining armor that night. My husband played the “good knight” and was instrumental to the success of the event.

Every little boy went through twelve virtues with their mommys and committed to a life devoted to Jesus and these virtues:

Self Control

My son is three years old, but I already see a calling on his life. His name Brett means “gifted” and I tell him often that he has a special gift to offer this world, a gift of joy and Jesus. He LOVES making people laugh, and entertainer at heart, and he told me one afternoon he wanted to be a clown when he grew up. At first I wasn’t too thrilled at this future choice and told him, “Oh, Brett I don’t know about that.” He said, “Yes momma, because they are funny. I want to make people laugh.”

When I look into my son’s eyes I see this pure and beautiful white canvas and God has asked me to help Him paint what Brett’s future can become. I have been given the assignment to paint this strong foundation and one day hand my son the brush.

I want him to see what I see… what Jesus sees in his life. I want Brett to know that He is so highly favored and marked for great things. He is a Knight, strong, powerful, heroic, and capable… such potential lies in his little hands and feet and I vow to God to do my part in making sure he uses this potential for good and not evil!

Wow, so this post ended up making me cry over my keyboard… and you thought you were getting some pictures! Haha. You are, and if you read through this entire post and have children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews… you have an incredible role to play in raising up a thriving generation for Jesus.

A Night with my Knight:

photo-15 photo-14 photo-13 photo-12 photo-11 photo-10
My Little Knight - Watch how excited he was to see Daddy fight the bad guy!

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