True Beauty Talks


So lately I have been listening to Christine Caine in the morning, uh amazing woman of God. Have I told you that I have listened to podcasts in the morning now? It has brought such joy and God perspective to my mornings which I lack when I don’t have time for my “coffee and The Word” mornings… umm which lately is often, sad. So Christine Caine has these “Coffee with Chris” 10 minute chats that transport you to her table and just listen to her heart.

So I would like to start my own “True Beauty Talks” ok… that may change, but it’s catchy and for this late at night, it sounds great. So here is me, un-edited, and as I am. I just want to truly connect with each and everyone of you. I can’t tell you how many “talks” I have had with the dear dear women in my life. Whether we know each other or not I genuinely care about you and if I had it my way, we would talk the night away. I may not have time to record a tutorial every week, but talking is not hard for me :) So here I go, here you go, enjoy!

Love you True Beauties,



  1. Thank you so much for you inspiring words n for being so real ,praise Jesus for your true beauty in Christ ,may our Lord always give you n keep you with such a pure heart in Him love ya sweet lady blessings Alicia J.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts:) It’s always refreshing to see a sister in Christ getting out there and encouraging others.

    God Bless!!:)

    • Thanks Sara! Your comment is so encouraging to me.


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