My First True Beauty Podcast!

My First True Beauty Podcast!

Since the beginning of the new year I have been listening to encouraging podcasts as I get dressed in the morning. I plug in my ear buds and allow women like Joyce Meyer and Lisa Bevere to give me a great pep talk for the day. I leave feeling encouraged and unstoppable. Don’t you love that feeling! Well, I remembered I had recorded my own “True Beauty Lesson” about a year ago and recently listened to it again. I strongly believe this message is the pep talk for those struggling to look in the mirror. Maybe you’ve allowed makeup and the world’s definition to mark what makes you beautiful. That will only leave you striving for something unattainable. You were created with incredible beauty inside of you. That beauty glorifies your Father in heaven and draws others to you. You are breathtaking, you literally took the breath of God when He created you.

Would you listen to my first podcast? I pray you leave your mirror encouraged, loved, and feeling like one gorgeous woman!

Enjoy my True Beauties,


True Beauty Profile Picture







P.S. Makeup prayer to download soon… I promise!


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  1. Hi Leslee, thank you for sharing this. Please let me know when you tweet about it. I would like to retweet it. Paul


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