Are you asking God Why? The Why in Waiting

Are you asking God Why? The Why in Waiting

Today’s devotional on waiting comes from Luke 1:5 – 25. It is a beautiful story about God’s faithfulness in a believer’s life and how he turns a hopeless situation into a miraculous one.

If there is ever anything I can pray for you about… maybe your own personal season of waiting, please let me know. I believe the fervent prayer of the righteous availath much. Prayer prepares us for promises revealed. I would love to pray with you, send your prayer requests to or leave them in the comments below.

My request from you is that you would keep True Beauty Blog in prayer. I believe women are in desperate need of the True Biblical meaning of beauty, not the counterfeit the world offers. Through your prayer and spreading of this blog, I know God will reveal His radiant beauty in the lives of women. Thank you for partnering with me.

- Leslee

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