Beware the Shady Nail Salon!

Beware the Shady Nail Salon!

During my incredible staycation… those of you who keep up with me on twitter and instagram @trubeautyblog know all about my two days of bliss. (Follow me for regular tweets and unbearably cute pictures of my kids :)


Now that you’re following me, right? You will see a picture of my hand sporting pretty pink polish. Well it is a very rare treat for me to actually get my nails done. You see ever since I can remember I have had a live-in manicurist. Yes, my sister adores doing nails and I was a regular client of hers. We kinda grew up, got married, had kids and she moved to a different city… that makes getting a manicure hard to do.



I wanted to spend one entire day of my staycation to treating myself. I went to a Bible study breakfast at my church, spent an amazing couple of hours with my grandmother, sat quietly at my favorite bakery, went to an all organic market for some facial oils (more on that later) and then decided to get my nails done.

Whenever I do get my nails done I usually go to the same salon which I enjoy very much. They remember me and are convinced me and my best friend are sisters… umm I don’t see it :)



Well, I skipped my usual spot and went to a place near the organic market and I will never go there again.


How to spot a shady nail salon:

1. Take notice of any “weird” smells.

The moment I walked into the salon it had a¬†distinctively mildewy smell. The air also felt moist and I don’t know why I didn’t run out the door after that.


2. Look at the overall cleanliness of the salon.

Every where I looked there were opened boxes of supplies. On the nail counters, floor, and a number of them were thrown behind the pedicure chairs. They also had trash in plain sight. Paper, old nail supplies, and yuck, it was bad.


3. Examine the tools used on your hands and feet.

I have heard multiple times from experts to make sure your manicurist opens a fresh pouch of sterilized utensils. If they are just soaking in “blue water” they could have literally been soaking in there for hours. They also say some salons NEVER change the “blue water” out. The salon I went to brought tools from the back room on a very dirty tray.


4. Look at all other equipment used in the salon. Are they kept up well?

In the middle of my manicure the table lamp head fell off. The manicurist repeatedly tried to put the head back on and eventually said, “Help me.”


5. When something is just plain off, do not return or leave immediately.

After cutting my cuticles, the manicurist threw all of the clipped cuticles onto the floor. THE FLOOR PEOPLE! Leslee, run!


6. Finally, observe how your manicure kept up during the week.

I had hang nails after a couple of days on almost all of my fingers.


From the outside many places like this look great, especially if they offer some great prices. It is for your own safety that you look deeper into what you are paying for. Make sure you are getting a high quality service. I learned my lesson and will not be returning to this salon, but it reminds me of this verse:

“The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”


It is very easy to judge others or ourselves based on what we have to offer on the outside. Sure, we may appear to have it completely together but the Lord looks behind the smile, the laughs, and the words. He can see the broken equipment, the trash filled corners, and hidden items.

“Here I am Lord, I don’t want to be shady. Secretive. A lie.

Cleanse me.”

He sees it all and still desires to come into our hearts. Thank you for your willingness Lord.




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