A True Beauty: Lauren

A True Beauty: Lauren

Lauren helps my husband and I with the middle school ministry at our church. She is so eager to serve and loves spending time with the youth of our church. I asked Lauren to help me with my blog and website, and without hesitation, she said yes!

Lauren is a True Beauty and it just so apparent. She loves God with her entire heart, soul, mind and strength and that smile of her’s radiates beauty. She has an inspiring relationship with her boyfriend, Evan and in many ways, they remind me of what Brett and I were like so many years ago :)

Lauren trusts in the Lord with her entire heart and her future is so bright. She is going to school to become a nurse and is working at a jewelry store to help her do just that. Can’t complain about discounted costume jewelry! There is wisdom and strength in Lauren that some don’t acquire for years to come. I know the Lord is going to take her life and bless so many people. I am excited to see Lauren grow into strong woman of God.

Lauren’s Before:

Lauren’s After:

Lauren was going to go out on the town the day  I did her makeup. She was celebrating a friends birthday and I thought this would be a perfect time to whip out some false lashes! After going over some skin care do’s and don’ts (no harsh chemicals, only exfoliate twice a week, clean your makeup tools weekly) we matched her foundation perfectly. Lauren confessed to never wearing blush! I quickly dusted her cheeks with some rouge and she is now a blush believer!! Ha. I also added some bronzer. I used my Urban Decay Nake 2 Palette on Lauren and used mainly Tease and Snakebite to go with her coral outfit that night. Now for the fun part. We put full lashes, long lashes I might add, to Lauren’s beautiful eyes and they looked awesome. I asked if they were too long, but who was I kidding. This girl loves glam and she loved the length of the lashes too. I finished her off with some pink gloss and sent her to finish getting ready for a night on the town.

Lauren, thank you for sharing the afternoon with me. You are a True Beauty!

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