Big Texas Hair Tutorial

Big Texas Hair Tutorial

I love me some volume in my hair and have come up with a way to get me just that! A couple of months ago I had a friend of mine cut my hair to look like this.


Now, this was a big deal because unfortunately my previous stylist took this picture and didn’t come close to this. I love what Amanda did with my hair. The Lord has gifted her in so many ways and she shares those gifts so freely. Click on the her name, I linked it to her blog and I know you will be encouraged by her posts.

Now that my hair is cut correctly, it makes styling so much fun and way easier. I wanted to share my Big Texas hair routine because maybe it is something you can do to change up your own hairstyle.

Let me know by commenting on my blog or You Tube channel if you used any of my techniques. I would love to hear how they went or maybe you have some of your own hair advice you would like to share. I am always open to a new hair tip! Here is my You Tube Channel.

At the end of my tutorial I mentioned a verse on how deep the Father’s love is for us,

“Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And [yet] not one of them is forgotten or uncared for in the presence of God. But [even] the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not be struck with fear or seized with alarm; you are of greater worth than many [flocks] of sparrows. 

Luke 12:6 & 7

Every once in a while I have a bad hair day… any one else?? Those days can really effect how I approach the rest of my day and sometimes how I look at myself. Even though I may have hairs that I feel are out of place, I can find comfort in the fact that each one of them are numbered by my loving Father. I will never grow tired of expressing to you the Beauty you hold. It is captivating… yes even with that messy bun you resorted to because nothing else would work. Jesus loves you and as many times you may have heard that long ago in Sunday school or over a tv program while channel surfing, it still is so true today! You are loved and called beautiful and that fact can turn any bad hair day into one you can rock!!

Love you True Beauties,


  1. Thanks. For the Big Tx hair tutorial..I enjoyed watching.Yes,I too use the root lifter & gels,along with hair spray & blow dry upside down. My hair is short so no hot rollers for me. I do use flat iron too … I appreciate you taking time to do these. GOD BLESS YOU

    • All of those products are a must for me now. I am using a curling iron to change up my style now. So big Texas curly hair :) thank you for watching my tutorial, share with friends if you like and hope to have you check back to the blog often.

  2. loved the tutorial. on sept 8, we are starting a new Beth Moore Bible study and in it she has REALLY big hair. for fun, i am encouraging all the ladies to have big hair the first night. i found this tutorial to help show them how and what to do. i love what you say at the end. so true. thank you!

    blessings to you!
    p.s. do you have to do your hair every day? just curious

    • Jackie!!! What a great idea. I love Beth Moore, yes she has fantastic big hair. What an honor to play a little part in your bible study group. I know you began yesterday and I pray it was a great success. Would love to see pictures if you took any?

      When I made this tutorial my hair was short, and yes I styled it that way almost daily. It’s grown out significantly since then so my options are more open. I wear it naturally curly a lot now, much simpler routine.

      Thank you for your comment and making me a part of your bible study.



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