Basic Skin Care – Come Clean

Basic Skin Care – Come Clean

My skin has been on a roller coaster ride of remedies and regrets! Up until last year, I was constantly struggling with break outs and oily skin. It wasn’t until I began to implement these three basic steps into my skin care routine, that I have I seen a dramatic difference.

1. I always wash my face at night.

2. I try my best to keep my makeup brushes clean.

3. I stay away from cleansers with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

If you feel you are in a vicious cycle of breakouts and oily skin, try implementing these steps. Comment on any specific issues you are having and I will try my best to answer them.


Most importantly, “Who the Son sets free is free indeed.” John 8:36

Know that when you come before the Father, He cleanses you completely. You can have complete freedom in Jesus Christ the moment you speak His precious name. Don’t settle for the mark of sin dictating your life, let the Father cleanse you now!

Truly Beautiful in Him,

Links to the cleansers I use:

Natural Born Cosmetics – Cleansing Gel
Natural Born Cosmetics – Cleansing Lotion
Natural Born Cosmetics РPathenol Cleanser 

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