Rare as a Ruby

Rare as a Ruby

Our devotional covers Proverbs 31:10 & 11. I love when the Bible challenges my current situation and thinking. It means God is inviting me to a deeper place in Him. Do I take His hand and follow Him through my doubts, fears, and stubborness or do I stay where I am at??

It isn’t the most comfortable place when the Bible calls out our actions, words, and thoughts. In fact it can be awkward. Really, I think to myself, “Wait… I’ve been doing that my entire life and it’s wrong??” I know if I accept this invitation the promise of what lies ahead is incredible. What lies ahead is a stronger Leslee, a more committed Leslee and Leslee closer to becoming that Proverbs 31 woman!

So, are you rare as a Ruby? Do you look and act different then all of the other women on this world? Did I just cause you to have an awkward moment with the Lord… good :)

Love you True Beauties,


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